Ferri Battuti Artistici di Martini Fabio, Nicola e Katy S.N.C.
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In compliance with Legislative Decree No. 196 dated June 30 2003 (code on personal data protection), Ferri Battuti Artistici di Martini Fabio, Nicola e Katy S.N.C. whose registered and operational office is in Via Dossi, 109/111 - 37058 Sanguinetto (Verona) ITALY, as "owner" of the data processing system, is obliged to inform users concerning the use of personal data. Hence we kindly invite you to carefully read the following notice.

Processing of personal data provided by you as customers or suppliers of this firm, or even acquired in the course of your economic activity, in compliance with current legal and contract specifications, is performed through manual, IT and telecommunication tools with a trend that is closely related to the same purposes and can involve all operations envisaged in Legislative Decree No. 196/2003, Article 4, Paragraph 1, Letter A. All this data is however processed in compliance with the legal obligation to confidentiality.

Data supplied can be treated for purposes related to mutual obligations resulting from contract relations established with you. Hence it can be treated for contract or pre-contract requirements and needs; for internal operational and management requirements; for fiscal and legal obligations; and, for commercial purposes.

In this framework, the data supplied by you can also be transferred to the Group’s firms abroad, located even in countries outside the European Union. Your personal data will be processed through tools and methods designed to ensure their safety and confidentiality. They can also be processed by automated devices, which can memorize, manage and transfer the same.

We also wish to inform you that following the request for your consent, as per legal specifications, the abovementioned processing of your personal data can be performed:

(a) by firms, institutions or consortiums, which provide companies belonging to our Group with data processing services or which perform activities that complete or are instrumental to those performed by our firm;
(b) by individuals, whose right to access your personal data is recognized by legal specifications or regulatory or community measures;
(c) by individuals to whom the communication of your personal data is necessary or however functional towards the management of our relations. Legislative Decree No. 196/2003, Art. 7 gives you special rights. To be precise, you can receive confirmation of the possible existence of your personal data, clear communication of the same and its origin, besides the logic and purposes on which the treatment is based.

You can also request the deletion and conversion into an anonymous form of data processed in violation of the law or even block it, besides updates, corrections or, if you are interested in this respect, the integration of your data. For legitimate reasons you can refuse the authorization to process the same. We kindly request you to speedily inform the company’s reference office about any changes in your personal data in compliance with Art. 11, Letter (c) of the abovementioned regulation, which requires data collected to be exact and hence updated.

The owner of the data processing is Ferri Battuti Artistici di Martini Fabio, Nicola e Katy S.N.C., whose registered office is in Via Dossi, 109/111 - 37058 Sanguinetto (Verona) ITALY, in the person of its legal representative.