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FERRI BATTUTI ARTISTICI (Artistic Wrought Iron) is a firm found by Mr. Egidio Martini in the 1970s, at the beginning in a small workshop next to his house. Now his three children are working with him and they have a beautiful refined bigger shop.

Their homeland has instilled in the Martinis great passion for a high quality artisanship, handed on from father to son. Therefore, in the last years, a workshop was born where furniture and iron solutions are realized. They produce customized and original objects for living your house.

When you get in the amazing FERRI BATTUTI ARTISTICI’s, there’s no more time nor space: the atmosphere is unique. You can see not just beautiful artefacts, but useful and functional too. FERRI BATTUTI ARTISTICI creates for you classic and modern shaped beds, dining tables, chairs, lamps, stairs and railings.

There is no forcing nor limit to wishes. Gradually the customer can see his ideas become a drawing, thanks to employees’ expertise.

If you go to FERRI BATTUTI ARTISTICI's, you can rely on a specialized advice. You can choose between original and unique wrought iron furniture and precious complements, like stairs or a refined bathroom.

At FERRI BATTUTI ARTISTICI, nothing is left to chance: every single element, every single object and every single accessory emanates passion for finding forms and combinations.

Furnishing with FERRI BATTUTI ARTISTICI means interpreting needs and capturing sensitivity. There, you can create articles in which you can recognize and meet yourself. If you choose FERRI BATTUTI ARTISTICI you choose passion.